Training Request

For in-person or online/zoom training for your org/business/agency training please fill out the form below to request your NoCoSafeSpace training:

NoCoSafeSpace is ready to help you grow to meet the individual needs of your family, business, organization or group!

We facilitate three types of AFFORDABLE professional development training opportunities to best fit your needs:

  • 90-minute Basic LGBTQ+ 101:engaging activities, including terminology, trends, inclusivity needs and Q&A session
  • 4-hour Specialized training:Basic LGBTQ+ 101 content (above)
    • interactive and specific, research-based information pertaining to the specific genre/field of your business or organization
  • A combination of both:90-minute Basics for all staff and 4-hour Specialized for leadership/directors/business owners

We offer specialized training in many areas; including, but not limited to the following:

  • Small business owners and employees
  • Non-profit agency staff and volunteers
  • Medical professionals
  • Mental health care providers
  • Department of Justice professionals and staff
  • Human Services agencies
  • Media outlets and sources
  • Faith-based leaders & congregations
  • Educators, School Administration, Counselors, Staff, any department
  • School Board, City Council, Boards & Commissions, any government arena
  • Veterans services agencies
  • Students, ages 5 and above (age appropriate content)
  • Families in many settings
  • Individuals with disabilities, at a developmentally appropriate level

Your budget matters.

It should NOT cost your annual training budget to be inclusive. We recognize that you have the responsibility of providing professional development to your employees, staff, and volunteers. We also recognize that in many cases, you have to provide overhead and pay your staff to attend. That is why our facilitated training options are reasonable and affordable for small business owners and non-profits, as well as large corporations and government agencies. When you submit a reservation, we will contact you regarding our minimal fees and even provide opportunities for you to reduce them!

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