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NoCoSafeSpace, LLC provides highly knowledgeable and professional facilitators, with decades of experience, in front of many differing audiences. We derive our LGBTQ+ curriculum from current-day, evidenced-based research, and information to provide your staff with a modern and engaging experience.

  • We believe “you don’t know what you don’t know”, yet you are accountable for what you don’t know and it’s time to learn.
    • Your customers and clients EXPECT you to know about inclusion.
  • We strive to ensure that individuals attending our LGBTQ+ professional development training feel safe to ask questions that they may not otherwise be able to ask. (You can’t get that from a download or a handout!)
  • We understand that everyone enters the room with differing moral beliefs and we honor that, meeting the group where they are in their journey toward Inclusivity and greater Intersectionality.
    • Providing a professional training for your staff can help reduce the chances of discrimination accusations and human rights issues.
  • We will consult on your physical space, rating it toward Inclusivity regarding gender identity and sexual orientation. We offer a wrap-around approach to creating truly Safe Spaces throughout Colorado.
  • We offer specialized training in many areas; including, but not limited to the following:

    • Small business owners and employees
    • Non-profit agency staff and volunteers
    • Medical professionals
    • WebsiteHeader1Mental health care providers
    • Human Services agencies
    • Media outlets and sources
    • Faith-based leaders & congregations
    • Educators, School Administration, Counselors, Staff, any department
    • School Board, City Council, Boards & Commissions, any government arena
    • Department of Justice professionals and staff
    • Veterans services agencies
    • Students, ages 5 and above (age appropriate content)
    • Families in many settings
    • Individuals with disabilities, at a developmentally appropriate levelVisit our reservations page to get started today!stockphoto1
  • We will not only facilitate learning within the “colors of the rainbow”, regarding sexual orientation; we will cover the inclusivity of gender identity and how it relates to nearly every part of our daily lives. Understanding the intersectionality of these two major life concepts can help you to understand all of the people around you, maybe even yourself.
  • We tailor your learning specifically to your field of work, gathering additional researchstockphoto3 when necessary, so what participants learn is modern and relevant to positively affect your space.
  • We consult on how your physical space, your documentation, and your engagements can be more inclusive to people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.
  • We believe that all lives are intersectional and that gender identity and/or sexual orientation are just pieces of how businesses, organizations, and groups work together as human beings.
    This is evident in our approach on inclusivity.stockphoto2
  • We can cater our professional development training easily to be a personal development skill set, in order to serve more communities, like individuals with limited cognitive abilities or groups from a faith perspective who simply need more information to make inclusive decisions for their lives.
  • We are available during business hours, but since we strive to create safe spaces in all sectors of life, we are also available during evening and weekend hours.
  • We are affordable, often meeting your budget options, because there really isn’t a cost for being inclusive and we believe your budget should not be a barrier to getting researched and up-to-date information.
  • We can come to you, or we can provide a public space that is safe to gather in.stockphoto4

NoCoSafeSpace has ASL interpreters and Spanish translators available to meet the diverse needs of many people, and we may be able to accommodate for other languages, as needed.  Contact us for specific needs, additional fees may apply.

Visit our reservations page to get started today!

Our Verified participation program:

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Each participant who attends the full training time will receive a certificate of completion and an emblem that can be posted on their individual office, business door, or cubicle area. When your customers and clients see this, they can feel safer in your organization or place of business.

Each organization, school or business who participates will be listed in our SafeSpace directory and featured on our website listings. You can list NoCoSafeSpace in your tags on Yelp!, Google and all social media. The underlying marketing cost will be revealed through your participation in our professional development.

Additional years of training and updates will be provided at a discounted rate as well.

NoCoSafeSpace is very different than the average safe zone training. You can’t learn what you need about an ever-changing community from a downloaded PDF
“do-it-yourself” guide. We are real community members teaching you what you need to know!

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SafeSpace training is hands-on, more inclusive, &
up-to-date with an engaging Q&A session every time.











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